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Home Warranty

In the old days, homeowners did not pay much attention to Home Warranties and homebuyers did not bother to ask for one.

Now, sellers and buyers are more aware of the importance of having a home warranty for a real estate transaction.  Most home warranties protect major appliance and mechanical systems, and for additional fee will protect roof, swimming pool, and SPA, for one year after the sale.  Thus, home warranties may protect sellers and buyers from incurring in unnecessary expenses.

The price of home warranty, if it not basic, depends on the coverage.  Most home warranties have a deductible per visit.  Before calling for service, homeowner should make a list of the different things to be fixed, so the deductible is paid only once.

It is advisable that sellers and buyers ask their real estate agent to inform them about the different home warranty companies in the market.  I recommend shopping around to compare prices, coverage, and deductible.

For your information, here is a partial list of Home Warranties Companies, we do not recommend one company over the other.