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Documents & Information most lenders required for a loan application

The required list of documents and information may vary from lender to lender and will depend in the circumstances of each borrower. For the most part in California, lenders require at least the following list of documents and information to process a home-loan application.



 1. Most recent 2 years W-2 forms, (or 1099's if S/E*).  1. I.D. and Social Security #.
 2. Most recent 2 years filed Federal Tax Return, 1040's.  2. Two-years of residence history.
 3. Most recent  paycheck stubs-Less than 30-days old.  3. Two-years employment history.
 4. Most recent 3-months bank statements.  4. If renting, landlord information.
 5. If self-employed, year-to-date profit & loss statement, & balance sheet.  5. List of outstanding debts.

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