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Interested on making an Offer

What do we need to make an offer or bid on your behalf?

  1. Offer terms: Purchase price, days to close, owner or none-owner occupied, deposit, days to remove contingencies (if any), inspection period (if any), bought As-Is or not, appraisal or none-appraisal contingency, loan or none-loan contingency, etc..
  2. Name of the individual or organization (ex. Trust, LLC, Corp. etc..) purchasing. If buying under an organization, please provide the name of signer.
  3. Proof of funds, under the name of the purchaser or organization (at least 30-days old and to be update it every month).
  4. If you are not buying in CASH, please provide approval letter from a financial institution or lender (at least 30-days old and to be update it every month).
  5. Offer requires a deposit check. If buying in cash, we recommend deposit to be at least 3% of purchase price. Maker of check shall be under the name of Individual or Organization making the offer. Deposit may be payable to Escrow Holder or as per seller's instructions or as per offer terms or selling terms.
  6. If you are making an offer under a Trust, LLC, Corporation, etc., please provide articles of the organization.

On individual basis, additional documentation may be necessary, depending on type of investment or investor.

Upon request, I will provide comparable and property-profile (subject to availability) for you to do your own due diligence.

If you have any question or to make an appointment to see any properties, do not hesitate to contact me, Mario Perez, 626-688-0114 or Text.