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Home Inspection

Many homebuyers ignore the importance of a home inspection.   Sometimes, a home inspection may show what appear to be a dream house is actually a house horrors.

It is advisable that homebuyers contact a professional  inspector to inspect the house before deciding to buy.  In California, homebuyers are allowed to order an inspection before completing the transaction.

The home inspection report allows buyers to know if the house they are buying is structurally sound.  Inspectors look at everything from simple things like conditions of windows, garage door springs, toilets, paint, carpet to more complex items like condition of foundation, electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning, heating system, roof, appliances, etc.  A good  report will show things that are built according local code and things that are not.

What is the cost for an inspection report?
The cost varies, some companies' charge a flat fee, other companies charge per square feet, and have additional fees for swimming pool, spa, roof, etc.

The average time for an inspection is two hours.  It is recommended that homebuyers ask their inspector if they can be present during the inspection.  Most inspector will be glad to show their clients their findings.

We recommend homebuyers, when ordering a home inspection, to ask inspector what inspection will cover and if the reports will include pictures or videos of the different parts of the house.